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        Provide overall solutions for

        power battery testing for global customers

        Company profiles

        Hubei Techpow Electric Co., Ltd.

        Development path

        • 2001

          Established Hubei Techpow Electric Co., Ltd.

        • 2010

          Fully transform the development of the new energy field, focusing on the research and development of power battery test equipment

        • 2012

          New energy products won multiple invention patents

        • 2014

          Construction of Techpow Science Park Project started Covers 53,000 square meters

        • 2015

          Customers comprehensive coverage of mainstream battery factories, new energy vehicle factories, national inspection agencies, etc.

          Top 10 lithium battery equipment brands in China

          Best test equipment supplier in the optical storage and filling industry

        • 2017

          National SME stock transfer system listed, stock code 870725

          Set up wuhan Techpow xinyuan (r&d center)

        • 2018

          World premiere of third-generation high-end laboratory test equipment

          Established Techpow Intelligent Equipment Company

          Passed the intellectual property management system certification

          Passed ISO9001, SO14001, OHSAS18001 again

        • 2019

          Won the annual excellent technical equipment award, the annual technical innovation enterprise award, China's leading brand of lithium battery PACK equipment, the most recognized brand in the lithium battery industry, the lithium think equipment excellence award

        Organizational structure

        Techpow digs deep into testing field

        Committed to promoting the innovative integration and development of new energy vehicles and power battery technologies