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        Meet customer needs and exceed customer expectations

        Operating philosophy

        Exceed customer expectations and grow with users

        • Focus on meeting user needs

          Focus on meeting the continuous improvement needs of users, and tailor-made solutions based on user needs, so that users continue to benefit from continuous technological improvement

        • Adherence to standard methods

          Comprehensively test the electrical performance of battery modules / packages in accordance with international / domestic / industry testing standards and specifications to obtain comprehensive and accurate testing data

        • Grasp core technology

          Integrate intelligent detection and intelligent manufacturing, adhere to independent development, and continuously innovate and develop core technologies to lead the development of the industry

        • Constantly pioneering spirit

          Adhering to the spirit of pioneering and striving for excellence, we make unremitting efforts for the development of new energy power battery testing technology

        Company Culture

        Every Techpow desires to be a struggler

        Corporate responsibility

        • To the society

          Continuously deepen the practice of corporate social responsibility, integrate the concept of sustainable development into all aspects of business operations, adhere to the corporate responsibility approach, and at the same time as corporate development, accumulate momentum for the sustainable development of Chinese society

        • To the environment

          Committed to promoting China's new energy high-energy, high-efficiency, low-carbon development through advanced detection technologies, practicing beautiful China, and improving the quality of the global environment

        • For industry

          With the goal of establishing an international image of Chinese testing equipment, we are committed to promoting the standardization and high-quality development of China's new energy industry

        • To the government

          Integrity and compliance with business ethics are the foundation for sustainable development and business success of enterprises. Legal and compliant operations are the business limits of techpow

        • For employees

          Techpow creates a fair, friendly, harmonious and sunny platform for employees' survival, development and career, and creates the best employer image