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        Dreams set sail here
        Company Profile

        Hubei Techpow Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and is a professional manufacturer of power battery test and evaluation equipment. The company has an efficient management team and a management and technical team composed of senior industry experts. It cooperates in the company's operation management, product development, promotion and maintenance, deeply interprets "customer-centric", and "services" throughout the company. Every detail of operation and management has won wide trust and support from customers

        Remuneration and office environment

        The company provides employees with industry-competitive salary packages and a comprehensive and rich welfare system, so that each employee can strive for the ideal without worries.

        Salary income

        Competitive industry salary and performance bonuses

        Five social insurance and one housing fund

        Pay five social insurance and one housing fund according to national statutory policy

        All kinds of subsidies

        Provide food subsidies, transportation subsidies, phone subsidies, high temperature subsidies

        Free dormitory

        Free accommodation and good accommodation (with air-conditioning, water heaters, etc.)

        Festive gifts

        Prepared various holiday gifts and benefits for employees

        Health checkup

        Annual employee medical examination, etc.

        staff canteen

        The company canteen offers a variety of foods

        Recruitment positions

        As long as you have a dream, this is the place that is worth your struggle.