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        Efficiency/service and support
        Earn the respect of every customer
        "Service with heart, efficient support" as the service tenet
        "Result-oriented, fast service" as the service concept
        24-hour free service hotline: 400-0710-600
        • One year warranty

          According to the relevant national laws and regulations, the product is guaranteed in three packages, and the product is repaired free of charge during the warranty period (except force majeure and human factors)

        • Renew maintenance

          You can renew the maintenance agreement after the expiration of the warranty period, and only charge the product cost, fast service

        • Continuous inspection

          After the warranty period, our company will continue to keep in touch with the users, and send special personnel to carry out regular inspections, so that users can rest assured to use our products

        • Regular return visits

          Warranty period: 2 return visits per year, and the after-sales service team will follow up the testing system produced and installed by our company